Climate Resilience Dialogues

Welcome to our "Insurance-Society Climate Resilience Dialogues" (CRD) series! Get ready to join the conversation and stay tuned for updates. Our series of events will launch in the second half of 2024. Check back here for more details soon!


Our "Insurance-Society Climate Resilience Dialogues" series embodies our commitment to inclusivity, engaging key stakeholders such as policymakers and community members directly. Through these bespoke events, launching in various locations during the latter half of 2024, we aim to foster a deep understanding of the regions and communities involved and establish a collaborative framework. With a focus on pivotal questions, these dialogues aim to uncover SOTERIA's potential contributions to the UNFCCC Adaptation Goal and Loss and Damages framework. Additionally, they seek to inform EU and national policy measures by leveraging project outputs, potentially influencing climate change adaptation policies, sustainable finance initiatives, and new policy implementations.