• Solutions and Technologies for Regions through Insurance for climate Adaptation (SOTERIA)
  • Solutions and technologies for regions through insurance for climate adaptation




Solutions and Technologies for Regions through Insurance for climate Adaptation (SOTERIA). The climate protection gap is a real concern as it threatens financial stability in the face of climate-related disasters. The SOTERIA project aims to promote insurance solutions to address this threat and safeguard organizations and businesses from the impacts of climate change in Europe.

The primary goal is to transfer, create, test, and validate new insurance products in different regions. To achieve this, eight European cities with distinct needs and risks have been selected.In these cities, iterative versions of a product will be tested through various stages of development to gather valuable information and guide its growth.

Beyond benefiting insurance companies, the SOTERIA project will have a direct, positive impact on citizens, the scientific community, and vulnerable sectors such as agriculture.SOTERIA's transdisciplinary approach will ensure a realistic human perspective in the analysis and development of innovative insurance solutions aimed at reducing climate-related risks.


  • Informing, boosting, and facilitating access to improved knowledge, data, and digital services that can enhance climate risk management at the local, regional, national, and EU levels through the use of climate risk products and services.
  • Documenting the best and emerging practices while also assisting in the trial and testing of innovative solutions.
  • Supporting, informing and providing the basis for the adoption of a multilevel, polycentric governance approach.
The SOTERIA consortium brings together some of the best European institutions in the field of climate adaptation, and resilience in a creative process to design new insurance products and serve market opportunities.
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